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_the SMELL

Air can give us plentiful data which we can analyze with our sense of smell. Unfortunately, we underestimate it and don’t make the most out of it. 

But even if we wanted to, we don’t know how to precisely define or refer to certain smells. Additionally, there are cultural disparities in naming odors, and there are also people that have some level of impairment in their sense of smell - this deficiency is called anosmia. 

This project’s purpose is to address this issue by standardizing the interactions regarding smells no matter if you have perfect abilities or not. We established accurate and recognizable terms to easily associate with the correct odor. 

We designed a communication system that has 10 basic smell categories. It’s a simple arrangement that uses colors, alphanumeric codes and a vertical 5-position column to describe the odors from each category. 

Our system could be used in several applications such as a) Communication and learning environments, b) Digital apps for sharing and storing memorable aromas, c) Packaging for food, perfumes and cleaning and chemical products, d) Labeling for public and private spaces and even more.

This was a collaborative project done with Laura Castiblanco, Fernanda Enrigue and Laura Navarro for our Master degree studies.

Risk magazine - Editorial Photography

Risk magazine - Editorial Photography