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What happened at our Day of Learning?

What happened at our Day of Learning?


Day of Learning: Hack your mindset to revolve your life
Teacher: Daniela Chavarría Aguilar
Location: Design faculty at HS Anhalt, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany
Number of participants: 12
Subject: Life lessons through storytelling
Length: 3 hours

Our Day of Learning began with the story of a little girl who was sure that she had a call to adventure... through education. Years and opportunities went by, until she decided to be brave and leave the fear aside.A year and a half later, my story evolved into one of personal growth, confidence and satisfaction. I wanted to share this so others could see how it is possible to achieve set goals, and I invited my classmates at HS Anhalt to also share their stories to motivate and encourage younger generations to hack their mindsets to revolve their lives!

To engage my classmates during this Day of Learning, I told my story and explained to my classmates the idea of inspiring teenagers and young adults to pursue their aspirations. Why this was important and why I thought they should do it too. I challenge them to create their stories and tell them in 2 minutes. In order to share the stories, I decided to give a keynote about storytelling techniques, focusing mainly in the Monomyth method commonly know as the Hero's journey.

We did some brainstorming on what to share and how. We went step by step using the hero's journey as framework to structure the stories. I gave them my story and thoughts when creating my own story as examples to help them through the interpretation of their journey.

At the end, we discussed about tips for telling their stories, such as providing sensory details, playing different roles, using various vocal ranges and utilizing props as visual aids. We had some time for processing the stories for presentation, creating props and eating some snacks and drinks.


The moment of sharing came and each storyteller presented their stories along with their props. It was a magical moment where we not only hear the details from the experiences, we also learned about each others character, passions and dreams.

This stories were encouraging indeed, but they also gave us the opportunity to connect at a human level, which lately has been left aside with social media "connecting" us in a distant way.

Participants of Day of Learning at Dessau

We will be giving out more information about the stories shared at our Day of Learning, so the can fulfill their purpose and reach younger generations to inspire and motivate them.

Thanks to all who made this activity possible, specially to our co-producer and commissioner 100 Days of Learning and Age of Wonderland.


More information about Age of Wonderland at


Focus, focus focus!

Focus, focus focus!

Day of Learning in Dessau

Day of Learning in Dessau