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Reflecting on the Service Experience Camp 2016 @Berlin #SXC16

Reflecting on the Service Experience Camp 2016 @Berlin #SXC16


Last Friday and Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend as a volunteer to the Service Experience Camp 2016 in Berlin. It was a bit complicated for me, as I don't live in Berlin and I had to put some pending things on hold for these couple of days, but I believe it was completely worth it!

I have been following Service Design Berlin through Facebook since some months ago. I saw their publication about the Service Experience Camp and I immediately got excited to attend, but as a student with a limited budget, I decided to enroll as a volunteer so I could have the opportunity to (1) attend, (2) help them out and get to learn a bit about the organization and (3) see the "behind-the-scenes" of the Camp. Win-win-win situation!

So here are some of my thoughts after getting back home and having a nice "pillow reflection" about the Camp.

About the organization:

  • Very well prepared! They had all the materials that they needed, prepared ahead of time. From the fruits and cookies, post-its and sharpies, to the printed material for the participants in their respective bags
  • Made us, the volunteers, feel as the most important actors in the show
  • Previous experience doing the camp and knowing the place was noticeable and super helpful to avoid pasts mistakes
  • At the beginning of the conference, all the organizers stood together in front of their audience, which I thought was a sign of a strong and welcoming team
  • The food, coffee, and snacks were absolutely delicious!
  • The catch box was spectacular! (You'll read more about this later on)

About the pre-camp event. Design disruptors documentary

  • Saving time is the sexy now. #trend
  • Design is making solutions that have sense. Art is about making questions
  • Diversity is vital!

From keynotes and open sessions:

  • Leaders should be always learning
  • Visionary designers see the future and create it!
  • What can your legacy be?
  • Coffices: Coffee + offices. #trend
  • Communicate through stories #trend
  • Talk to humans, test everything
  • Look beyond the models, because this is not what design is!
  • Projects and processes are about: iteration, prototypes, and research
  • Make experiences for customer relevant!
  • Design the right product, for the right customer, at the right time
  • Research on a daily basis!

Here's a small video with some low-res pictures that I took during the Camp.

Last but not least, I was very impressed with the "open session" model of the conference. The organizers of the camp explain in depth the why's and how's in the article  Creating open learning formats. Enjoy!

Looking forward to attending next years Service Experience Camp! No matter where in the world I am :)

One brave girl!

One brave girl!

Indispensable apps used by Digital nomads & Entrepreneurs

Indispensable apps used by Digital nomads & Entrepreneurs