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Talking fences

Talking fences

A collaborative project on Human-centered design, focused on designing a fence that instead of separating people it could bring them closer. The project included a process that began with a concept/problem definition, ideation and sketching and concluded on a finalized prototype.


Our brief is that through a fence that provides unrestricted fun and movement, and/or that gives people the chance to share their stories, the goal of our project is to create opportunities for people to interact with each other in Dessau.

Talking Fences Presentation-7.jpg

The project is targeted towards every citizen who’s passing by around the location where the installation is taking place.


The installation lasts up to 8 hours in the same location. Afterwards, the tubes are removed and placed in another fence in a different part of the city.

Talking Fences Presentation-23.jpg
Talking Fences Presentation-26.jpg

Informative posters

This project was co-designed with Andrea Cuellar, Estefanía Eid and Clara Cristina Rego. It was done for our Master’s degree studies (2016).

Dynamo - Children Museum exhibit

Dynamo - Children Museum exhibit