Thesis abstract

Learning design to Design learning

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Learning design to Design learning, is a thesis project that aims to help Designers create learning experiences; by applying a framework that merges Instructional design, Educational theories, Design principles and Facilitation techniques.

The framework, called LX starter, consists in 4 steps: Define, Strategy, Develop and Test. And it is a cyclic model that should be followed in order until the last phase, in which the previous steps are reviewed and improved based on feedback from the learners.

This project has an integrated nature because it contains a compendium of theory, expertise and practice that continuously grows with each application. It can be applied to any required learning experience, by modifying it accordingly, just like Designers do with their skillset and processes for every design project that they take on. 

To plan a learning experience the framework can be used as a canvas, to draft ideas and doodles about how the experience should be or look like.

To make it more reachable for Designers and even for teams, the LX starter could be developed for mobile apps and web-based design programs.

This project was done for my Master degree thesis in the Fachbereich Design, Hochschule Anhalt. For more information and/or collaboration, please contact me.