Here are some of my favorite design project, you’ll find different topics such as industrial design, interaction design, eLearning, editorial design and design thinking.


Learning design

Learning design is related to education, creating learning experiences and material that help the learner to  better understand and acquire skills and knowledge. This projects have the learner at the center of the design process and focus on achieving the learning objectives set at the beginning of the project.

Interaction design

Interaction design is related to human-computer relations. Usability, readability and easy navigation are requirements that each project aims to fulfill.  The methodology used for designing interactive products are Need identification, Design, Prototype, Evaluate.

Clever German Design - Communication project

A communication project that aims to showcase simple and amazing -all type- design found-in or native from Germany. During my time living in Germany and traveling through Europe, I have found inspiring design samples everywhere I look, so I started collecting shots of them on Instagram under the name of @CleverGermanDesign.

Visual communication design

Visual communication has many connotations. In this section, I have focused mostly on the graphic part. Not only the technique and software used is important, but the way that information is displayed and the message conveyed.

Product design

Each product design project has its own methodology. A generic one will begin with the Planning phase, then a reference research, followed by the concept definition. Thereafter, alternatives are designed and refined. A testing phase will continue, and will generate a well-rounded final product.